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Historic Restorations
Preserving historical properties that reflect the diversity of the Tampa Bay area.
Rehabilitating beautiful structures to meet the Secretary of Interior/ARC guidelines and
qualify for the Ad Valorem Tax Exemption.
  • Before-After Front
  • Garage Converted To Poolhouse
  • Before-After Side Entrance
  • Before-After Stairs
  • Street Elevation
  • New Garage
  • Pool Overview
  • Master Bedroom Balcony
  • Great Room
  • Kitchen-1
  • Kitchen-2
  • Master Bath
  • Master Shower
  • Hallway Bath
  • Second Hallway Bath
  • Constructed in 1926 and recently renovated this Mediterranean Revival home is two stories with a third floor “tower room”. The home was designed only one room deep in order to achieve the cross ventilation that is needed in Florida’s tropical climate.
  • Renovated to meet “Secretary of the Interior's Standards” and pending acceptance to the National Register of Historic Places and City of Tampa Register of Historic landmarks.
  • During World War II was the home of General Rosenham Beam.
  • In the 1950’s Otie and Talitha Stills moved into the home with there three children. Sounds of drums filled the neighborhood as their son Steven Stills practiced in the third floor tower room. Steven Sills then later went on to form the well know musical group Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young
  • Exterior
  • Interior
  • Interior
  • Interior
  • Originally built in 1920 this landmark building is known as the “Vintage Autocar Building #2”
  • Influenced by the Mediterranean Revival architecture, the building has yellow brick façade with stepped parapets and red barrel tile detailing.
  • Located on Tampa’s historic commercial corridor of North Franklin Street.
  • Renovated to meet “Secretary of the Interior's Standards”
  • Awarded with a historic property Ad Valorem tax credit.
  • Presently the home of Franklin Street Fine Woodwork who recently received the honor of “Artisans of the Year" by the American Institute of Architects (AIA) honors.